In some cases you may need to change the status of a proposal from either In Progress to Accepted or vice versa. Here are a few scenarios on how you can do this or why you may need to do this:

  1. You sent a proposal to a client and your client has signed your proposal, but you realize you need to make a change on the proposal
  2. Your client inadvertently signed the proposal
  3. You renegotiate your proposal and need to make updates
  4. You made a mistake on the original proposal

Although there may be more reasons as to why you need to change the status of the proposal, here is how you can do so:

Locate the proposal (most likely in the Accepted status) under the Proposals tab. Check the box to the left of the proposal title and click on Actions. Choose Change Status and confirm the changing of the status.

NOTE: If you change the status of the proposal, this will require you to resend the proposal to the client. How to Resend the Proposal FAQ can be review here:

Resending Proposals