Proposable is a powerful proposal software tool that can help you increase your sales, but it can also support other document types such as Contracts, Pre-Proposals, Case Studies, Whitepapers and much more! With that being said, some features may not apply to the document you are trying to send. If you’d like to send a document just for your client to review, you can disable the Acceptance and E-signature features.

If the box is checked to the left of the Recipient when delivering the proposal, it will add an Accept button on the top right-hand corner of the proposal. To avoid this in the future, ensure the box is not checked on the 3rd Step [Deliver].
Sometimes you may have sent a document, but forgot to turn off the Acceptance. This can be done by clicking on the proposal title from the Proposal’s tab. Next, go to the Recipients Tab on the left. You’ll see an ON/OFF

If you need more help with our Acceptance / E-signature feature, visit our FAQ: or email us at