Enabling the electronic signature and acceptance to your proposal can be done on Step 3, Delivery. By checking the box to the left of each recipient your recipient will have the ability to see an Accept button at the top right hand corner of the proposal. E-signing helps to both close the deal and get paid faster. Here is a step-by-step on enabling this feature:

Step 1 – Add your recipient(s)


Step 2 – Ensure you check the box just to the left of the Recipient(s).


This will then allow your clients to electronically sign (e-sign) the proposal by clicking the Accept button.


When your client signs the proposal, a handful of things will occur. The proposal will move from the In Progress status to the Accepted status. You will no longer see the proposal in the main Proposals tab. To locate it, you can click on Proposals > Accepted and either located at the top, filter by Date or use the Search bar at the top right-hand corner.

If you drill-down into the proposal, you will find a new tab in the Recipients screen called “Acceptance Info”. This will contain the signature of the client, their IP Address (e.g. with a date and time stamp. Here you can also download the PDF version of the proposal with the e-signature attached to the file.

How To Video: