Adding images to your proposals can bring your proposal to life yet also add additional descriptions to your product(s) or service(s). Keep in mind that you can add background images to your proposals as well if you’d like to add an underlying layer to your proposal. In this tutorial, we’ll be walking you through adding images to the body of your proposals.

Start by using an Text & Images element  by dragging it onto the page.

Next, paste your text onto the open Text & Images element and add your image using the image button in the editor:

Once your image is added, adjust the Height and Width of the image in order to scale it appropriately. To retain the ration, be sure the lock is on to avoid distorting or stretching the image in any way. Additionally, adjust the Horizontal (Hspace) and Vertical (Vspace) spacing to add a margin between your text and the image. We recommend between 5px and 10px. You can also align your image right or left using the Alignment drop-down.

Be sure to take advantage of the Preview window in order to ensure the adjustments look right. If you still have questions about adding images, please be sure to email our support at