Paging gives you the ability to do 3 main things:

1. Paging automatically breaks your proposal section content up into pages so that your proposal content will look and act consistent on the web version as well as on the PDF. The idea is that your recipient will see the same layout and page-breaks on both the web and the PDF version.

2. Since proposals are broken into standard page sizes, you can upload your own custom page backgrounds or choose from our free stock page backgrounds located in the Stock Backgrounds to give your proposals a very custom and professional look that wasn’t possible before.

3. Paging enables the fillable fields functionality that lets you place e-signature fields and other required fields throughout your proposals.

**If you are an existing customer and you’d like to begin using this feature, enable it under Settings > Proposal Settings > Design. Keep in mind that only NEW TEMPLATES will inherit this paging functionality. This means if you’d like an older template to have this functionality, simply duplicate the template in the Library. Moving forward any New Proposals will have the paging function.