Resending proposals can be done in a few ways. This is a great way to either “nudge” your customer to get them to view the proposal for the first time or view it again.

1. The first method, is for customers who may have inadvertently deleted or did not receive the proposal. This can be done using the Private URL which is found in the Proposals tab > Recpients > Private URL. Each recipient has their own Private URL which is used to track the analytics for that specific person. You can use this URL by copying and pasting it into an e-mail and resending it to the recipient. Doing this will still track all analytics and notifications.

2. The second method is used for customers who may have already opened the proposal or you’ve made some changes to the proposal and would like to notify them of these changes or updates. This can be done by using the Comment feature in the builder. Simply click on the title of the proposal from the Proposals tab > In Progress > View/Edit button at the top left. From here, you can edit the live proposal, add/update/delete sections or content and also make a comment by clicking on the icon Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 9.20.10 AM. When making the comment, you can make it on a specific section of which will link the comment to that specific section and also, your client will receive a notification that a comment was made with a link back to the proposal.


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