The Self-Delivery feature allows you to deliver proposals via your email client while still providing the value of Analytics and Notifications. You can enable this feature under Settings, then Deliveries and checking the box “Enable Self-Delivery”.

This will allow you to deliver the proposal yourself or download the PDF and print or mail it. The purpose of the Self-Delivery feature is to be able to deliver it when you want to, however you want to.

A common use-case is sending the proposal through your own email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, etc. to send it yourself.

 How To Video:

Self-Delivery guarantees the delivery because we let you decide how and when the client will receive the proposal. It’s a good practice to use the Self-Delivery if you already have an existing dialog with the client where  you can simply reply and paste the link to the proposal in the URL.

Keep in mind that if you have multiple recipients, you must send the URL to each individual recipient. If you hit Reply-All and send one link, all of the recipients will receive one link where the tracking will not be individualized.