Comments are the best way to engage your customers during an “In Progress” proposal. It not helps you to ask questions should your customer become dormant, but also consolidates communication within the proposal to a specific Section. There are multiple use-cases and scenarios for the comments feature. Here are a few:
  • A Recipient has a question about pricing. They can make a comment on the left hand side where it will attach the comment.
  • Your Recipient has not opened the proposal. You can make a comment which will notify your client that a comment was made with a link back to the proposal.
  • You delivered the proposal to a Recipient over a month ago and they have not Accepted or Declined the proposal yet. You then make a comment to ‘wake-up’ the client.
  • Your Recipient spent quite a bit of time on the Pricing section of your proposal and realize that price may be an issue. You then make changes to the pricing and comment on the Pricing section informing the Recipient about the “discount” or pricing change.
  • Your Recipient views the proposal for the first time, you immediately add a comment asking the customer, “Please let me know if you have any questions” in order to show your level of interest.
Here are a few things to know about Comments:
  1. Recipient can ask a question/comments on the left side
  2. All *original* recipients receive a copy of the comment
  3. Each recipient will receive a link with a comment back to the proposal
  4. Each sender can create a new comment or reply to a specific comment

You can disable notifications for each comment/reply in your settings under Settings > Notifications > uncheck Proposal Comments

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 11.32.44 AM

NOTE: Currently comments cannot be disabled. If this is something you would like done, please email us at