For those of you who have been long time customers of Proposable, you may be aware that we have a new and improved version. We would like to share some facts and common questions about reasons to move over and what you need to do to start transitioning.

Here are a few reasons why Version 2 of Proposable is a must:

  • Responsive Proposals – Both you and your customer will have an elegant mobile experience when viewing and building proposals. Whether on a phone or tablet, the proposals look sharp and respond to the appropriate size without having to download or install an app.
  • Analytics & Sales Metrics – Those are fancy words for business intelligence. Take your business to a new level by understanding trends, behavioral patterns from your customers and understanding your sales team. You’ll be able to visual see an increase in sales and productivity by department, salesperson or your entire organization as a whole.
  • Optional Line-Items & Quantities – Give your client the ability to purchase your products and services with a “menu-like” experience. You can either specify a quantity and have your customer adjust the amount or you can make a line-item optional. Learn more about Optional Line-Items and Optional Quantities.
  • Self-Delivery – By popular demand, we’ve added the ability to deliver the proposal however, whenever. This feature will allow you to mark the proposal as delivered or “In-Progress” and send the unique private URL to the customer via your choice of email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Gmail, etc. all while still tracking analytics and receiving notifications.
  • Custom Merge Tags – Imagine automatically populating your document or proposal by simply filling out a form regardless of how many pages. CMT’s are a great way to insert specific customer data throughout your documents without having to edit your content. More on Custom Merge Tags.
  • Consolidated Analytics – Now, we help you
  • Filtering & Sorting

And much much more. Moving over consists of copying and pasting templates from one site to another. Here are some facts/FAQs about Proposable V1:

  • Will V1 ever be shut down?
    • As long as 90% of our users switch over to V2, we will not shutdown V1. You will always have access to your active proposals, historical data and more as long as V1 is still around. We anticipate this not to happen in the next few years.
  • What is the process to get started with V2?
    • It’s fairly simple. Since you are already a customer, by attempting to log in, you will be asked to reset your password. Once you do this, it will synchronize your billing with the original v1 account. This means that you will have the grandfathered pricing and you will be able to have both accounts active at the same time. So don’t worry, you’ll have both so you can always view the past history from v1 and you are also able to transfer your content.
  • How do I transfer or migrate my proposals?
    • It is a manual process to “move over”. Simply open up both versions of Proposable V1: | V2: in two different tabs in your browser. Start by creating a Template in V2 in the Library. Next, click on Source in both editors and copy and paste the HTML from V1 to V2. By doing this, this will maintain the formatting and will also attempt to transfer all of the images.
  • Do you have any templates I can start fresh from?
  • Will my pricing change?
    • No, if you are a previous V1 user that moves to V2, you will be grandfathered in in terms of pricing.
  • Do I have to switch?
    • No. But you’ll be missing a whole bunch of really cool features. We plan not to do additional development on V1.
  • Would you guys help me move my stuff over?
    • Yes! Keep in mind we do charge to help you move your content over, but its worth it because we’ll provide some training and also provide a nice clean design that is elegant and modern.