Merge Tags give you the ability to automatically populate your proposal, draft or template with content such as your customers name, company, email and more. This is a great way to personalize your documents yet automating your process.


They consist of the following:

Recipient Information
Recipient Full Name           = {{recipient_full_name}}
Recipient First Name          = {{recipient_first_name}}
Recipient Last Name           = {{recipient_last_name}}
Recipient Company Name  = {{recipient_full_name}}
Recipient Email Address     = {{recipient_email_address}}
Sender Information
Sender Full Name                = {{sender_full_name}}
Sender First Name              = {{sender_first_name}}
Sender Last Name               = {{sender_last_name}}
Sender Company Name      = {{sender_company_name}}
Sender Email Address         = {{sender_email_address}}

Proposal Information
Proposal Title                        = {{sender_full_name}}
Proposal Delivery Date        = {{proposal_delivered_date}}
Today’s Date                          = {{current_date}}
Last Modified Date               = {{proposal_last_modified_date}}

Here’s how you can access your standard merge tags:
  1. While editing your Template or your Draft, drag over (or click on Edit) a Text & Images element.
  2. When the editor is open, click on the tag_fade icon of which will bring up a window with various Standard Merge Tag options.
  3. Click on the Merge Tag you wish to use. This will insert the merge tag into your proposal/template

How does this work and how can I preview that they are working?

Great question! All the magic happens behind the scenes. Here’s how we auto-populate your document with Merge Tags:

Once you’ve added your Merge Tags to your Template, you will see the the Merge Tags in your Draft Proposal. While in Step 1, you will add your Contact (also known as the Recipient):


By adding your contact, Proposable automatically converts your contact to a Merge Tag, thus allowing you to use this information over and over again. For example, you can use this feature to write a personal letter:

Dear {{recipient_first_name}},

We here at {{sender_company_name}} look forward working with {{recipient_company_name}}. We look forward working with you on the {{proposal_title}} project.

This allows you to personalize, yet automate, your proposals. If you’d like to add even more customized automation, learn more about our Custom Merge Tags.

 Here’s how you can preview how the Merge Tags work:

Once you’ve added your contact (Step 1) and edited your content (Step 2), you’ll arrive at the Send step (Step 3). From here, each recipient (if your proposal has multiple recipients) will have a preveiw button. This will allow you to view / preview what the recipient will see. It will allow you to verify that their contact information is correct such as their name, email and company information.


Still have questions? No problem, just email us at and we will help you out.